Sisense is a single-stack BI platform architected to support on-premises as well as cloud-based deployments. The product is commonly used to deliver dashboard applications, standard and enterprise reports, and embedded BI applications for small to mid-sized organizations.

Headquartered in New York City, Sisense is a global, fast-growing BI vendor with 100 percent year over year growth. Currently, Sisense has approximately 320 employees, more than 1,000 customers and a thriving OEM channel. Sisense is known for its proprietary In-Chip engine, which provides fast queries on large volumes of data. The company has integrated all the components of its BI stack into a single platform.

Customer success is the driving focus at Sisense. Executive compensation is based on hitting customer success targets and raising Sisense’s Net Promoter Score. Customers are also assigned customer service ambassadors. Sisense focuses on fast deployment, often in less than 60 days no matter the size.

Sisense is a full-stack BI platform with all the necessary components required to build BI applications, integrate and store data, and administer analytics solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. Through a robust set of JavaScript and REST application program interfaces (APIs), Sisense provides support for embedded analytics and enables developers to create custom functionality and navigation experiences to suit the needs of specific groups.

Sisense is based on a client-server architecture which used to require a local installation. In version 7.0, Sisense migrated its data preparation functionality to the web and started to offer a fully web-based client. The product can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud (private and public). Recently, Sisense launched a managed cloud service for customers allowing them to deploy a complete cloud-based business intelligence platform, which is owned by business units in an agile fashion.

Sisense is a business-user oriented, web-based product. Power users from different business departments are able to connect to data sources, prepare and manipulate data and create ElastiCubes. Once an ElastiCube or live data access is created, users can build interactive dashboard applications.

User & Use Cases

Sisense is able to support a range of different users as well as modern web developers seeking a highly customizable and extensible analytics experience.
Its main use cases are dashboards/scorecards, standard/enterprise reporting and basic data analysis. The large percentage of customers planning to use advanced analytics with Sisense indicates there is a pent-up demand among customers to go beyond reporting, dashboards and basic analysis.

The product’s customer base consists of mid-sized and small organizations with a mean of 40 users per customer and a slightly higher penetration rate than The BI Survey average this year. The top five list of products commonly evaluated in competition with Sisense underlines its strong focus on business users as a target group.

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