Headquartered in New York City, Sisense is a growing BI vendor offering an embedded analytics product with an API-first design. The company sells to medium and large enterprises across the globe. Its product addresses the needs of modern Web developers who prefer APIs for implementing customized functionality and navigation experiences.

Sisense is a full-stack BI platform that includes all of the necessary tools required to build, embed and run multi-terabyte analytics solutions on-premises or in the cloud. Designed with application program interface (API) access as a top priority, Sisense offers developers the ability to invoke integration, discovery and dashboard functions through JavaScript and REST methods. Sisense customers have the option of offering out-of-the-box BI tools or designing a custom analytics experience to suit the needs of specific user groups.

Marketed as a “single-stack” product, Sisense’s complete BI platform provides pre-defined dashboards, data modeling and integration tools for querying big, complex and disparate data sources. Sisense can consume data from spreadsheets, Hadoop, Web applications and relational databases and loads it into multidimensional ElastiCube data stores without pre-aggregation or pre-calculation. Query performance is enhanced by Sisense’s proprietary In-Chip technology, which uses CPU-based memory banks to store data and further scale performance. The company states that ad hoc queries respond in seconds even when working with billions of rows of rapidly changing data.

User & Use Cases

Sisense is a complete BI Platform with capabilities to support a range of different users as well as modern Web developers seeking a customized analytics experience.

With responsive interfaces that support mobile viewing and customization, it’s not surprising that the main use cases of Sisense include dashboards/scorecards, standard/enterprise reporting and basic data analysis.

The product’s prime audience consists of mid-sized enterprises with 100-2,500 employees but is also popular with smaller organizations. With a mean of 191 users, Sisense has a lower than average user count but this should rise given the company’s growing success in the large enterprise segment.

Current vs. planned use

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5 products most often evaluated in competition with Sisense

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Percentage of employees using Sisense

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Licensing models

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Number of users using Sisense

N = 42

Tasks carried out with Sisense by business users

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Company size (number of employees)

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