SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Web Intelligence (WebI) is an ad hoc query and interactive reporting solution available as a web (Java/DHTML) and rich client. WebI is part of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform (SAP BO BI). The suite incorporates various end user BI tools for different usage scenarios.

SAP was founded in 1972 by five former IBM employees but really came into prominence in the 1990s with the ERP boom. The vendor employs over 87,000 people worldwide and has a turnover of over €22bn. It is one of the largest business software vendors in the world.

Today, SAP follows a dual analytics strategy aimed at delivering continued innovations for on-premises solutions while building new cloud solutions.

Web Intelligence is part of SAP BO BI, which is based on a three-tiered architecture. Data modeling, security settings, data access and metadata storage all take place in the solution’s central administration tools.

WebI is an ad hoc query and reporting solution aimed at business users. WebI documents are created via a web-based or a rich client application and can be published in a portal. New documents are based on Universes, free-hand SQL queries, BEx queries, HANA views, Analysis Views (a data query sharing option between some of the SAP BO BI clients) and local files.

Although the solution does not focus on the creation of highly formatted (pixel perfect and print-oriented) reports or dashboards; it offers good capabilities for formatting reports.

User & Use Cases

WebI is most frequently used for standard/enterprise reporting and ad hoc query, clearly reflecting the solution’s key strengths, which are querying data from different data sources and creating ad hoc reports.

Web Intelligence users seems to come from large enterprises where the tool tends to be used in large usage scenarios. Due to the product’s interactive and ad hoc nature, it is often pitched against Tableau and QlikView. This indicates that its customers are seeking business-oriented products. WebI can certainly be used to fulfill some requirements in the self-service BI area.

Current vs. planned use

N = 76

5 products most often evaluated in competition with SAP BO WebI

N = 73

5 products most often evaluated in competition with SAP WebI

Percentage of employees using SAP BO WebI

N = 76

Percentage of employees using SAP WebI

Number of users using SAP BO WebI

N = 76

Number of users using SAP WebI

Tasks carried out with SAP BO WebI by business users

N = 75

Tasks carried out with SAP WebI by business users

Company size (number of employees)

N = 76

Company size of SAP WebI users

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SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Peer Groups Self-service reporting-focused products
VendorSAP SE
Number of responses76
Customers355,000+ (not only BI)
Revenues (2016)€22.06 Billion (FY 2016)