Oracle Analytics Platform

Oracle Analytics Server (OAS, former Oracle BI) is a platform for dashboards, formatted reports, ad hoc reports, analysis, data preparation and machine learning. The vendor continues to expand the platform by providing machine learning and augmented analytics capabilities such as automated insights and natural language queries to enhance self-service.

The origins of Oracle date back to 1977 when the company Software Development Laboratories (SDL) was founded in the United States. SDL later changed its name to Oracle. The company’s strategic focus was on developing the relational database management system (RDBMS) called Oracle.

Today, Oracle is a global provider of enterprise cloud computing, offering software, platform, infrastructure and data as a service. Oracle offers a comprehensive stack of cloud applications, platform services and engineered systems. It currently serves over 400,000 customers. In analytics and BI, on-premises and cloud products are available under the new Oracle Analytics brand. Its on-premises offerings include Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management. The cloud offering is known as Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

Oracle Analytics Server is provided on-premises and offers similar features to the cloud-based Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

User & Use Cases

Oracle Analytics Server 12 was first released towards the end of 2015. Customers seem to be quite slow to adopt the latest version of the suite: only around half of this year’s respondents (56 percent) were running version 12 when they completed the survey. Version 12 includes a new Data Visualization component along with an updated user interface and enhancements to improve ease of use. However, the core functionality and strength of the suite has not changed. Its broad feature set is reflected in our data: Oracle Analytics Server supports various usage scenarios such as enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, dashboards and analysis. The suite is capable of serving large usage scenarios, but the user numbers and company size figures show it is also well used by mid-sized companies and in mid-sized usage scenarios.

The list of most frequent competitors reveals a long-time weakness in the Oracle Analytics Server: data discovery. Oracle has now closed this gap with its data discovery capabilities and customers have started to evaluate it against popular data discovery products such as Power BI, Qlik and Tableau.

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Oracle Analytics Platform

Peer Groups Large global enterprise BI platforms, Large international BI vendors
Number of responses31
ProductOracle Analytics Server (on-premises), Oracle Analytics Cloud (cloud)
Revenues (2019) $39 billion USD