Longview Plan (On-Premises)

Founded in 1994, Longview is a Canada-based CPM vendor with over 200 employees serving more than 1,200 customers worldwide. The company is privately held and backed by Marlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm, which acquired Longview in 2014. In 2015, Longview merged with Germany-based BI vendor arcplan to enhance its capabilities for BI and analytics. In 2017 Longview announced the completion of another merger with Tidemark, an enterprise financial and corporate planning cloud software company. Based upon three companies and more than 25 years of experience, Longview’s stated mission today is “Connected Finance”, providing integrated CPM and BI products to empower the digital transformation of the finance department for companies of all sizes and industries.

Longview’s product portfolio includes solutions for the key processes of today’s finance organizations: planning and budgeting (Longview Plan), consolidation and close management (Longview Close), tax management (Longview Tax), and dashboards, reporting and analysis (Longview Analytics). Due to Longview’s history as a consolidation, tax and planning vendor since 1994 and its merger with Tidemark in 2017, Longview Plan is available in two versions today: (a) as an on-premises version based on Longview’s well-established platform technology (e.g., Close and Tax) and (b) in a public cloud version based on Tidemark’s modern planning technology leveraging AWS. Depending on customer requirements and strategic directions, companies can freely choose between both options.

The Longview platform, including Plan (on-premises), Close and Tax, leverages relational data storage and provides a multidimensional in-memory data engine, accelerating performance and adding financial intelligence for planning, close and tax processes. Longview Plan (on-premises) is a flexible planning product for various kinds of planning applications. Typical uses include top-down target setting, sales/revenue planning, production planning, HR planning, financial planning, opex planning, and allocations. Pre-configured planning models are available and can be adapted to the hierarchies and data of customers. Longview Close and Tax complement Plan with feature-rich, out-of-the-box functionality for legal and management consolidation as well as tax management.

Longview Analytics, the former arcplan portfolio, complements Plan, Close and Tax with mobile reporting, dashboarding and analytics solutions. At its core, the product is a versatile platform for developing tailor-made BI applications across all major databases, applications and systems (Longview and other third-party data sources). Users typically access these analytics applications via a web browser. Leveraging the product’s web client, Longview Analytics can be used to connect all Longview solutions and provide integrated BI and analytics within Plan, Close and Tax. It can also be used as a standalone BI and analytics platform to connect to financial, operational and external data sources.

User & Use Cases

Besides planning, customers mainly use Longview Plan (On-Premises) for standard/enterprise reporting (83 percent), dashboards/scorecards (82 percent) and ad hoc query and reporting (64 percent). 37 percent of respondents plan to use it for advanced analysis in the future. Longview Plan (On-Premises) targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries. 67 percent of our sample of Longview Plan (On-Premises) customers come from large companies (over 2,500 employees) with a median of 250 users (with 50 of them using planning functionality), but the mean of 1,462 users (221 for planning) indicates there are also some significantly larger implementations. 53 percent of Longview Plan (On-Premises) users are planning users – well below the survey average of 63 percent – reflecting the fact that Longview Plan (On-Premises) is a planning tool but also provides strong functionality for other facets of performance management such as consolidation, tax and BI.

Current vs. planned use (besides planning)


Percentage of employees using Longview Plan (On-Premises)


Planning users (as a percentage of all users)


Total number of users per company


Planning users per company


Company size (number of employees)


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Longview Plan (On-Premises)

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Number of responses30
ProductLongview Plan (On-Premises)
Offices8 offices worldwide in Canada (HQ), United States, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom
Employees> 200
Revenues (2018)n/s