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humanIT software GmbH is a software vendor founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute in Bonn, Germany. It is now an independent subsidary of proALPHA, a provider of ERP technology. humanIT serves 19 countries from Bonn and has over 2,500 customers with more than 100,000 users across 20 industries.

The product portfolio comprises three products: InfoZoom Desktop (the desktop version), InfoZoom Anywhere (a web client/server-based solution) and InfoZoom Data Quality Control (IZDQ). The three products are closely integrated with each other. There is also a close integration between proALPHA ERP and InfoZoom, so that data quality changes can be written back directly to the ERP system.

The aim of humanIT is to make information in databases quickly transparent and analyzable for business users. InfoZoom supports business users in ad hoc analyses and data monitoring as well as data profiling. With IZDQ, extended data quality management is also possible with functions for the recording and maintenance of data quality (DQ) rules and regulations as well as DQ monitoring. IZDQ can be viewed as a separate product that offers integrated profiling functions from InfoZoom. InfoZoom Anywhere can be used for DQ reporting. BARC’s survey results show that IZDQ is not used alone. All of our survey respondents use it in combination with InfoZoom.

The use of InfoZoom follows a special philosophy. The goal is to make information comprehensible at a glance (i.e., to display the contents of a database on one screen). To do this, InfoZoom reads the data into its in-memory-based solution and combines the contents (characteristics) of attributes in a row in a technically meaningful way. The user immediately receives an overview of the value ranges and frequencies and can form an impression of the correctness of the data. Incorrect values can be quickly identified and adjusted directly in the tool by simply editing the values on a single row or on a group of rows. The overview of aggregated values is freely navigable and can be filtered. The user can easily move around in the data space and examine the values and their relationships. This tool also helps in terms of an initial profiling when it comes to data quality. With IZDQ, additional DQ rules can be added and applied.

According to the vendor, 90 percent of InfoZoom customers have no experience with data warehouse technologies. Users tend to work directly on their operational systems and appreciate InfoZoom’s analysis support in making the complex data models in operational systems easier to understand and use.

User & Use Cases

The distribution of tasks carried out with InfoZoom largely corresponds to what we would expect based on InfoZoom’s customer profile and product positioning. 56 percent of users use the tool for master/reference data management, even though InfoZoom is not an MDM solution in the classic sense. The maintenance of master data is certainly possible, but it still has no functions for distributing or even creating a golden record from data distributed in different models in a heterogeneous system landscape. The high level of usage of InfoZoom for self-service analytics (49 percent), data preparation (47 percent) and data discovery (40 percent) is understandable. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive analysis tool that supports fast ad hoc analyses. Interestingly, 38 percent of those surveyed said they use the product for data virtualization. However, InfoZoom does not offer functionality for data virtualization. In contrast, the 36 percent figure for data stewardship/data quality management seems to be on the low side. With IZDQ, a data quality product, we would have expected a higher rate of use.

The rate of use of the tool in the companies surveyed is low for a user tool. InfoZoom is typically used by less than 10 people per company but the mean number of 37 users indicates that it also supports larger deployments. It is used in companies of all sizes, but over half of the respondents to this survey came from medium-sized businesses.

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InfoZoom & IZDQ

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Um ehrlich zu sein habe ich noch nie eine so einfach anzuwendende und hilfreiche Software in meinem Leben vorgefunden. Ein Arbeitsleben ohne die Einfachheit von InfoZoom ist absolut nicht mehr vorstellbar.
CIO/IT management, retail/ wholesale/trade, less than 100 employees
Die Lösungen sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil der täglichen Arbeit im Massendatenbereich. Der Enduser hat extrem schnellen Zugriff auf Millionen von Datensätzen und hat mit wenigen Klicks einen Überblick über seinen Bereich.
Team lead data services, retail/wholesale/trade, more than 2,500 employees
Mit InfoZoom sind wir in der Lage auf nahezu jede Fragestellung eine Antwort zu finden. Dabei ist die Geschwindigkeit, die einzigartige Visualisierung sowie die intuitive Möglichkeit Daten zu selektieren besonders hervorzuheben. Wir nutzen InfoZoom für das Controlling, Marketing und für die Datenpflege. Durch die Reportingkomponente List&Label sind auch in der Darstellung keine Grenzen gesetzt.
CEO/board member, retail/wholesale/trade, less than 100 employees
Exzellente Softwarelösung. Es gibt keine vergleichbare Softwarelösung auf dem Markt!
Head of business department, manufacturing, 100-2,500 employees
Extrem schnell, übersichtlich, Data Visualization Möglichkeiten phantastisch; ideal für den Fachbereich bei Datenqualitätsprüfungen; Zeitersparnis überwältigend, kein Vergleich mit anderen BI Produkten; Preis-Leistungsverhältnis hervorragend.
CEO/board member, consulting, less than 100 employees