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WebFOCUS is a flexible and scalable web-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform with front ends and decision support tools for formatted reporting, ad hoc reporting, dashboards and analysis, and a custom application development environment.

Information Builders is a privately held US software company with its head office in New York. It was founded in 1975 and has more than 60 offices worldwide. In 2017 Goldman Sachs invested in the company to boost innovation and company growth. In the same year the vendor appointed a new chief operating officer (COO) and has done some internal restructuring.

Information Builders’ products have been in active use for nearly 40 years and have a large community of experienced users. The company was one of the first to realize the importance of the web. In 1997 the company was the first BI vendor to release a fully web-based product, WebFOCUS. In 2006 Information Builders introduced InfoAssist, its web-based RIA ad hoc tool for business analysts. The company was also one of the first to introduce a web-based interactive analytical document format (Active Technologies) for disconnected analysis and publication of interactive e-documents. Information Builders also provides the iWay and Omni product lines, which are often used alongside WebFOCUS for data integration and data quality functionality. This product description focuses on WebFOCUS.

The WebFOCUS BI & analytics platform is a web-based BI environment with front ends and decision support tools for formatted reporting, ad hoc reporting, dashboards and analysis, and a custom application development environment. With WebFOCUS, BI applications can be centrally administered and published to a large group of internal and external recipients. In recent years the vendor has been concentrating on developing interfaces that are easier to use and configure for business decision-makers.

The solution now incorporates web-based tools, such as InfoAssist+ for ad hoc analysis and self-service data discovery; BI portal designer for designing and managing group portals, dashboards and content management; and interactive InfoApps for non-technical consumers (especially in operational scenarios). Supporting operational BI is actually a key strength of WebFOCUS. The solution delivers insights from data coming directly out of production systems. These capabilities have been extended across enterprises to enable analysis across any and all new systems that are engaged, including today’s cloud-based infrastructures.


User & Use Cases

This year’s BI Survey results show that Information Builders is mostly used for standard/enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, dashboards and basis data analysis. This reflects the breadth of the WebFOCUS platform. Besides these traditional BI use cases, 70 percent of survey respondents also plan to use WebFOCUS for advanced analysis. Information Builders provides R Stat, a module with pre-defined R algorithms, which can be used for statistical analysis. R Stat results can be visualized using WebFOCUS functionality.

WebFOCUS shows its strengths when used in complex projects and in large scenarios within large companies. This year WebFOCUS achieves a median number of 613 users per customer and a mean of over 5,000 users. This is also indicated by the very high average of 33 percent of employees at customer organizations who use WebFOCUS, compared to The BI Survey average of 17 percent. The latter indicates that customers deploying WebFOCUS may not only use it for strategic BI areas but also for operational usage scenarios.

Most respondents say they use the solution for what we consider to be its strongest areas: viewing, navigating and exploring data using interactive dashboard applications.

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WebFocus BI and Analytics Platform

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