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Information Builders is a privately held US software company with its head office in New York. It was founded in 1975 and has more than 60 offices worldwide. Its products have been in active use for nearly 40 years and have a large community of experienced users.

Information Builders’ main BI offering is WebFOCUS, a business intelligence (BI) suite specializing in formatted and ad hoc reporting, dashboards and analysis. WebFOCUS InfoAssist Plus is a visual analysis module aimed at business users and positioned in the self-service BI and data discovery area. Information Builders also offers development environments for custom Web portals, dashboards and BI applications (“InfoApps”).

As well as end user products, Information Builders also offers the iWay product line, which includes a data integration, data quality and master data management suite. It is often used in tandem with WebFOCUS to provide information management capabilities.

User & Use Cases

This year’s Survey results show that Information Builders is mostly used for ad hoc query, standard reporting and dashboards, a testament to the breadth of the WebFOCUS platform. Besides these traditional BI use cases, 68 percent of survey respondents also plan to use WebFOCUS for advanced analysis. Information Builders provides R Stat, a module with pre-defined R algorithms, which can be used for statistical analysis. R Stat results can be visualized using WebFOCUS functionality.

WebFOCUS is often used in large scenarios within large companies. In 2016, in a bid to boost its presence in the SME market, Information Builders introduced new editions of its software aimed at smaller accounts. Future BI Surveys will reveal how successful this strategy turns out to be.

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Information Builders WebFOCUS

Peer Groups Large enterprise BI platforms, Large international BI vendors
VendorInformation Builders Inc.
Number of responses31
Employees1,400 (approx.)
Customers14,000 (approx.)
Revenues (2015)Over $ 300 million