Dimensional Insight Diver Solution

The Diver Solution from Dimensional Insight is a BI platform tuned to address the compliance reporting needs of regulated industries such as healthcare, alcoholic beverages and manufacturing supply chains. Dimensional Insight’s deep industry expertise combined with pre-built applications and outstanding customer support results in commanding positions across many categories in The BI Survey 16.

Dimensional Insight is a privately held company based in Burlington, MA that helped pioneer the modern BI industry with its high performance BI platform, named Diver. Diver’s core strength is its ability to empower entire companies with self-service analytics needed to meet operational performance and compliance requirements.

Founded in 1989, Dimensional Insight set out to create an integrated platform with tools that address the different BI project roles. Today, Diver includes ETL, administration, dashboards, data modeling, self-service reporting and a high performance columnar database capable of scaling to address big data use cases. While some interfaces lack responsive design, industry-specific metadata, connectors, metrics and business rules serve as key propellers of fast ROI and user satisfaction.

With proven platform performance, specialized industry expertise and a track record of highly rated support, Dimensional Insight’s Diver is positioned to succeed in its sweet spot of regulated industries around the world.

User & Use Cases

Dimensional Insight’s customer base consists primarily (64 percent) of medium-sized companies where they achieve an average usage penetration rate of 26 percent. The company’s mean number of users stands at 108, higher than the 100-user average across all products in The BI Survey. The larger user numbers are a reflection of the company’s focus on operational teams within manufacturing and healthcare provider organizations.

The majority of Dimensional Insight’s customers purchase and run the product on-premises through upfront perpetual licenses. This makes the most sense given the company’s very long history working with IT departments. 24 percent have subscription licenses. It’s also interesting to note that IBM Cognos and Tableau are its two most often evaluated competitors. Customers still pick Dimensional Insight proving out the company’s value proposition for proven domain-specific BI solutions within the mid-market space.

Current vs. planned use

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5 products most often evaluated in competition with Dimensional Insight

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Percentage of employees using Dimensional Insight

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Licensing models

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Number of users using Dimensional Insight

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Tasks carried out with Dimensional Insight by business users

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Dimensional Insight Diver Solution

Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Self-service reporting-focused products
VendorDimensional Insight
Number of responses37
OfficesBurlington, MA (HQ); Green Bay, WI; San Diego, CA; Coral Springs, FL; Leiden, Netherlands; Stuttgart, Germany; Hong Kong; Guangzhou, China
Revenues (2015)Undisclosed
Web sitewww.dimins.com