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[The BI Survey 19 results, not included in The BI & Analytics Survey 21] The Diver Platform from Dimensional Insight is a full-stack BI platform that addresses compliance with reporting and analysis needs in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, goods and services, and manufacturing supply chains in the United States as well as higher education, government, transportation and insurance in EMEA.

Dimensional Insight is a privately held company based in Burlington, MA, with 2,700 customers worldwide and eleven international offices. The company helped to pioneer the modern BI industry with Diver, a BI toolset that provides flexible information distribution. Diver’s core strength is its ability to empower users with access to critical measures needed to meet operational performance and compliance requirements.

Started in 1989 in the formative stages of the business intelligence market, Dimensional Insight set out to build an integrated platform with tools that address the various BI project roles. The company’s product, Diver Platform, includes a 100 percent in-house built set of ETL (extract, transform and load), administration, dashboard development, data modeling, reporting and data management tools. Users can navigate multidimensional data sets with good performance. Although the product supports industry-specific content including adapters, business rules and master data, some of its user interfaces lack the modern visual design offered by many of its competitors.

Staying focused on meeting customers’ needs, Dimensional Insight has evolved its product line to include solution accelerators that have propelled its success in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and goods and services.

Through its longstanding solution-focused strategy and direct sales efforts across the world, Dimensional Insight has accumulated a loyal base of satisfied customers over the past three decades. Driving its success are an integrated BI platform, packaged industry solutions and superior customer service. Dimensional Insight’s consulting team consists of experts with decades of experience in target industries to help ensure customer implementation success. Dimensional Insight serves its customers directly from its seven core countries as well as with a network of more than 20 partners. The vendor attaches high importance to partnerships with geographical or vertical-focused implementers. Dimensional Insight is currently in the process of expanding its partner network.

User & Use Cases

Customers mainly use Dimensional Insight for standard/enterprise reporting (98 percent), ad hoc query (95 percent) and dashboards/scorecards (93 percent). 48 percent of respondents plan to use it for advanced analysis and 36 percent in the context of budgeting/planning in the future. Dimensional Insight targets companies of all sizes across all industries. 57 percent of our sample of Dimensional Insight customers come from mid-sized companies (100-2,500 employees) with a median of 187 users, but the mean of 241 users indicates there are also some larger implementations.

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Dimensional Insight

Peer Groups
VendorDimensional Insight
Number of responses42
ProductDiver Platform
OfficesHeadquartered in Burlington, MA, with five locations in the US and further six in other countries
Customers2,700 (10,000 installation in total – with partner installations)
Revenues (2018)Undisclosed