Founded in 1977, privately-owned Cyberscience first provided software for Citibank. Since then, Cyberscience has spent thirty years in the BI space building its offering from the ground up. Today, with over 4,000 customers and between 60 and 100 employees, the Colorado-based company thrives via a focus on the Americas mid-market manufacturing segment while generating a significant share of revenues through channel partners across the world.

Cyberscience also has a good presence in Europe and Australasia, with offices in the United Kingdom and Australia. The company focuses its direct sales efforts in the manufacturing and embedded BI segments while key partnerships have propelled visibility in the healthcare services industry. On average, Cyberscience brings in between $15 and 20 million of revenue each year.

The vendor’s flagship product, Cyberquery, is a flexible ad hoc query and reporting solution that delivers operational insights to front-line workers. The company’s native database connectors and metadata layer abstract transactional tables, simplifying data access and optimizing response times when querying large data sets. As a result, the tool is ideal for power users who want to query operational data in an iterative, visual fashion to create operational reports for front-line workers. Cyberquery uses its own structured query language as part of the back end, permitting customer or partner developers to extend the product’s capabilities.

Implementations can be as quick as two to four hours, and the company provides a week-long training course for users who wish to dig deeper in the platform. If more training or support is needed, Cyberscience provides exactly what the customers needs. However, the drag-and-drop interface makes the learning curve quick and easy, and customers rate the product highly for rapid implementations that routinely take less than three months from start to finish.

There is significant support for operational BI, with proprietary database and application connectors for mid-market ERP platforms such as Baan (Infor), Epicor and QAD. Additionally, customers score the platform exceptionally highly for performance, which is a continuous focus of competitive advantage for the company.

User & Use Cases

Cyberscience’s primary customers match the company objective to attain mid-market customers that range from 100 to 2,500 employees. Such customers have fewer resources than large enterprises and have given Cyberscience leading scores for efficiency of deployment, measured in The BI Survey as ‘Project length’.

The BI Survey reports a median of 50 users per customer site and a mean of 187. Penetration with customers is good, at close to the average of all products. Standard/enterprise reporting and ad hoc query remain the dominant Cyberscience use cases. Two-thirds of customers also intend to use Cyberscience for dashboards/scorecards and advanced analytics use cases. Cyberscience is used frequently in businesses to view reports, which is reflected in many customer quotes from The BI Survey.

During sales opportunities, Cyberscience customers chose the product after evaluating and disregarding IBM Cognos Analytics, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI, Oracle BI, and IBM Planning Analytics.

Current vs. planned use

N = 41

Business Intelligence Use Cases of Cyberscience

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Cyberscience

N = 36

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Cyberscience

Percentage of employees using Cyberscience

N = 39

Percentage of employees using Cyberscience

Number of users using Cyberscience

N = 39

Tasks carried out with Cyberscience by business users

N = 37

Company size (number of employees)

N = 40

Company size of Cyberscience users

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Number of responses41
OfficesFour. Colorado, UK, Netherlands, Australia
Revenues (2016)<$50M