Founded in 1977, privately-owned Cyberscience started with Citibank as its main customer. With over 5,100 customers and 75 employees, the Colorado-based  company thrives via a focus on the Americas mid-market manufacturing segment while generating a significant share of revenues through channel partners across the world. Cyberscience focuses its direct sales efforts in the manufacturing and embedded BI segments while key partnerships have propelled strong visibility in the healthcare arena. 

The vendor’s flagship product, Cyberquery, is an ad hoc query and reporting platform that delivers operational insights to front-line workers. The company’s native-level database connectors and metadata layer abstract transactional tables, simplifying data access and optimizing response times when querying large data sets. As a result, the tool is ideal for power users who want to query operational data in an iterative, visual fashion to create operational reports for front-line workers.

Proprietary database and application connectors support operational BI with mid-market ERP platforms such as Baan (Infor), Epicore and QAD.

The company is on the home stretch of a major platform enhancement that will result in responsive interfaces and innovative self-service features. Taken together with its heritage in delivering results on the front-line of manufacturing and healthcare operations, the company is well positioned to expand its BI customer base.

User & Use Cases

The majority of Cyberscience customers purchase the product through a subscription license to on-premises software.  When purchasing Cyberscience, customers most often evaluated IBM Cognos BI along with Microsoft SSRS.  As expected, Cyberscience usage primarily consists of View activity with lower than average levels of Explore/Analyze, Navigate, and Model/Enrich.

Mid-sized companies make up the majority of the company’s customers where it achieves a below-average 12 percent usage penetration. The company’s median number of users stands at 50, one-half the average of all products in The BI Survey 16. The smaller numbers are a reflection of the company’s strategy to target mid-market manufacturing companies.

Current vs. planned use

n = 79

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Cyberscience

n = 95

Percentage of employees using Cyberscience

n = 76

Licensing models

n = 61

Number of users using Cyberscience

n = 65

Tasks carried out with Cyberscience by business users

n = 72

Company size (number of employees)

n = 76

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Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Self-service reporting-focused products
Number of responses79
OfficesDenver, USA (HQ); London, UK; Sydney, Australia
Revenues (2015)$15 million