Cubeware CSP C8

Founded in 1997 and based in Rosenheim, Germany, Cubeware currently has more than 125 employees in five German offices as well as subsidiaries in the DACH region, San Jose (USA) and Bangalore (India, offshore development). In July 2008 Cubeware was acquired by Cranes, a vendor based in India. Primrose investments GmbH now owns Cubeware, having acquired it from Cranes Group in 2016.

Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 (CSP C8) is an integrated BI platform for data management, modeling, reporting, OLAP analysis and planning focused on multidimensional databases. The main components of the platform are C8 Cockpit, C8 Mobile and C8 Snack, the application server C8 Server and C8 Importer, a product for data integration and modeling. Cubeware products are primarily sold directly by the vendor in the DACH region where, according to the vendor, approximately 1,000 customers use them. Cubeware technology is also used worldwide through partner channels and various OEM versions.

C8 Cockpit, the main BI front-end component of CSP C8, is an integrated BI product for dashboards, ad hoc reporting, OLAP analysis and planning. The tool, which is aimed at business power users, can run on various multidimensional databases (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, IBM Cognos TM1, Infor BI OLAP Server, Oracle Essbase or SAP BW). Relational databases can also be accessed and write-back functionality is available.

C8 Cockpit is aimed at usage scenarios in business departments and medium sized companies without any industry-specific focus. The product has a visual environment for creating and displaying screen-based reports, analyses and dashboards. In terms of planning, Cubeware positions itself as a vendor for operational planning and detailed budget planning. Moreover, the vendor extends the financial planning solutions of partners like IDL or Denzhorn with BI and data management functionality.

User & Use Cases

Current vs. planned use shows that C8 Cockpit is more of a business intelligence product than a planning product. Over 80 percent of respondents use the product for standard and enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and basic data analysis (typically OLAP). Ad hoc query is a particular strength of the product and is therefore a frequent use case. Advanced analysis is the most important use case for customers in the future. Cubeware software tends to be used by mid-sized companies and some larger enterprises. The median number of users in a common environment is 55 people, a good indication of Cubeware’s typically mid-sized customer base. However, the mean of 165 users per company tells us it is also used in much larger environments.

Current vs. planned use

n = 77

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Cubeware

n = 183

Percentage of employees using Cubeware

n = 76

Licensing models

n = 74

Number of users using Cubeware

n = 72

Tasks carried out with Cubeware by business users

n = 65

Company size (number of employees)

n = 76

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Cubeware CSP C8

Peer Groups EMEA-focused vendors, Integrated performance management products, OLAP analysis-focused products, Self-service reporting-focused products
Number of responses77
OfficesGermany (HQ), Austria, Switzerland, United States, India
Customers3,000 approx.
Revenues (2015)EUR 11.7 million

Planning Product Profile

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