CALUMO is business intelligence (BI) platform that leverages Microsoft Excel as its primary authoring environment. As a result, the product delivers a fast learning curve when utilized in Excel-intensive financial budgeting and forecasting processes. CALUMO also brings governance to operational reporting processes that require aggregating input from multiple users.

CALUMO offers a BI platform that brings efficiency to corporate finance operations by enabling accounting and finance users to securely share Excel content. The company licenses the product as a SaaS cloud application through a subscription or as a perpetually licensed on-premise product. SaaS pricing consists of a monthly fee based on the number of users along with a server fee.

Built with Microsoft technologies, CALUMO works via an Excel plug-in that communicates with the CALUMO server. CALUMO BI users design reports and pivot analysis in Excel but can share and collaborate on their reports via the Web. A module called Skylights transforms MS Word and PowerPoint into BI publishing and storytelling avenues for CALUMO-based reports and analytics.

Although the experience is completely self-service when working with Excel data, buyers planning to implement marketing BI solutions requiring CRM integration will need Microsoft SQL Server development expertise. Founded in 1999, Australian-based CALUMO employs 40 people and has more than 100 customers across all major verticals including entertainment and non-profits. It has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Dallas.

User & Use Cases

CALUMO’s customer base primarily consists of medium-sized companies where they achieve an average of 14 percent usage penetration. The company’s median number of users stands at 50, one-third the average of all products in The BI Survey 16.  The smaller numbers are a reflection of the company’s strategy to target accounting and finance departments in smaller companies.

The majority of CALUMO’s customers purchase the product through a subscription SaaS license. This makes the most sense given the company’s focus on buyers with little or no IT resources. Still, almost 20 percent purchase traditional perpetual licenses and run the software on-premises. It’s also interesting to note that although Microsoft SSRS is the second most evaluated competitive product, customers still pick CALUMO, proving out the company’s strategy to leverage and build additional value on top of Microsoft’s most popular client and server-side products.

Current vs. planned use

n = 38

5 products most often evaluated in competition with CALUMO

n = 45

Percentage of employees using CALUMO

n = 38

Licensing models

n = 31

Number of users using CALUMO

n = 33

Tasks carried out with CALUMO by business users

n = 35

Company size (number of employees)

n = 38

Summary of CALUMO highlights

CALUMO achieves first place ranks in three important KPIs in this year’s ‘Integrated performance management products’ peer group, confirming its reputation for delivering a collaborative BI solution to business unit teams that have minimal IT resources.

Its leading rankings across KPI areas like ‘Flexibility for users’, ‘Cloud BI’ and ‘Project length’ demonstrate that the company’s product is a BI solution that delivers speedy results for end users that are not seeking a year-long IT project.

In achieving high marks for value and user success, survey responses also underline CALUMO’s technical leadership in areas such as ‘Mobile BI’ and ‘Innovation’.

Cloud BI – Top ranked

Peer group: integrated performance management products

Operational BI – Top ranked

Peer group: integrated performance management products

Collaboration – Top ranked

Peer group: integrated performance management products

Performance Satisfaction – Leader

Peer group: integrated performance management products

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Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Integrated performance management products, Self-service reporting-focused products
Number of responses38
OfficesSydney, Australia (APAC HQ), Dallas, TX (Americas HQ)
Revenues (2015)Not disclosed

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