Longview Analytics

Longview Analytics powered by arcplan (Longview Analytics) provides functionality for building individual BI applications for dashboards, reporting and analysis. The product offers a comprehensive set of components for developing tailor-made BI applications with individual screen layouts. With the vendor’s open approach to data connectivity, direct access to all major databases, applications and systems in their native environments is available.

In 2015, Longview merged with Germany-based BI vendor arcplan to enhance its capabilities for BI and analytics.

In 2017 Longview announced the completion of another merger with Tidemark, an enterprise financial and corporate planning cloud software company.

Leveraging the product’s web client, Longview Analytics can be used to connect all Longview solutions and provide integrated BI and analytics within Plan, Close and Tax. It can also be used as a standalone BI and analytics platform to connect to financial, operational and external data sources.

Longview Analytics has connectors for a remarkable range of databases and applications, many with their own proprietary APIs. The company has always made a point of explicitly supporting the APIs for particular products and tries to avoid simply taking a lowest common denominator approach. Longview Analytics, for example, has strong support for SAP BW.

Longview Analytics complements Plan, Close and Tax with mobile reporting, dashboarding and analytics solutions. At its core, the product is a versatile platform for developing tailor-made BI applications across all major databases, applications and systems (Longview and other third-party data sources). Users typically access these analytics applications via a web browser.

User & Use Cases

Customers mainly use Longview Analytics today for dashboards/scorecards (97 percent) and standard/enterprise reporting (92 percent). 39 percent of respondents plan to use it for ad hoc query in the future. Longview targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries. 44 percent of our sample of Longview Analytics customers come from mid-sized companies (100-2,500 employees) and a further 44 percent from large corporations (more than 2,500 employees). Customers have a median of 187 users, but the mean of 674 users indicates there are also some significantly larger implementations. Longview Analytics provides a versatile platform for the rapid development of tailor-made BI applications across all major databases, applications and systems. In typical scenarios, a few specially trained tech-savvy developers – often from IT – use Longview Analytics to create custom-built BI applications for business users in their organizations. Therefore viewing, navigating and exploring data are the tasks most commonly performed by business users.

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Longview Analytics

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