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Founded in Germany in 1993, arcplan currently has 100 employees. The company serves over 3,200 clients worldwide from its headquarters in Langenfeld, Germany, as well as further offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with approximately 50 percent of its clients based in the DACH region. Its product offerings, which are based on the arcplan platform, consist of the BI product arcplan Enterprise, the planning product arcplan Edge, and the collaboration and self-service solution arcplan Engage. 

At the end of March 2015, arcplan announced it would merge with Canada-based Longview Solutions (Longview), a leading provider of CPM and tax provision software solutions. At the end of September 2015, arcplan brought out an updated release including a fully integrated connector for the Longview platform. Longview is a privately held company backed by Marlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm with over 3 billion US dollars of capital under management. Its mid-term goal is to form a global CPM and tax solution provider with a complementary product portfolio in which arcplan provides business intelligence functionality while Longview brings functionality for financial intelligence and tax management.

arcplan Enterprise, the vendor’s main BI product, offers a flexible, visual development environment for building individual BI applications for dashboards, reporting, analysis and planning. In BARC’s view arcplan is one of the most flexible tools on the market for custom-building a range of BI applications with individual screen layouts using responsive design, and enabling those applications to be deployed on the Web or mobile devices. arcplan provides connectivity to over 20 relational and multidimensional data sources, catering for all the major databases.

User & Use Cases

arcplan’s strengths are standard/enterprise reporting and dashboarding applications. Ad hoc query, advanced and basic data analysis are seen as future use cases for many customers.

The percentage of employees using arcplan is significantly below The BI Survey average, which is due to the vendor’s regular usage approach. In typical scenarios, a few specially trained tech-savvy developers – often from IT – use arcplan Enterprise to create custom-built BI applications for business users in their organizations.

Viewing and navigating data, and not necessarily  modeling/enriching data, are the tasks most commonly performed with arcplan by business users.

The product is mainly used by large corporations and mid-sized companies with a median of 350 users per installation. However, there are several significantly larger implementations as well, reflected in the mean of 1,573 users.

Current vs. planned use

n = 36

5 products most often evaluated in competition with arcplan (Longview)

n = 117

Percentage of employees using arcplan (Longview)

n = 35

Licensing models

n = 33

Number of users using arcplan (Longview)

n = 29

Tasks carried out with arcplan (Longview) by business users

n = 25

Company size (number of employees)

n = 35

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arcplan Enterprise / Edge

Peer Groups Dashboarding-focused products, EMEA-focused vendors, Integrated performance management products
VendorLongview (arcplan)
Number of responses36
OfficesCanada (HQ), US, Germany, UK, Finland, Russia, Spain, Chile, Singapore, South Korea, China
Employees (arcplan)Approx. 100
Customers (arcplan)Approx. 3,200
Revenues (2015)n/s