Welcome to PowerBIMap

With “PowerBIMap” BARC presents a new offer around Microsoft Analytics. 

The market overview for the fast-growing eco system around Microsoft Power BI consists of the interactive “PowerBIMap browser” as well as the aggregated analyt’s view of the market in the “PowerBIMap”, which will initially appear in regional editions for the German-speaking market, North America and the Middle East. For the first time, an innovative form of visualization is used, the “Voronoi” Treemap, which allows end users to interactively search and select in a database of hundreds add-on solutions and service partners for Power BI.

“The core task of an analyst is to bring transparency to markets,” says Carsten Bange, CEO BARC. “The fast-growing market around Microsoft Analytics and Power BI offers many starting points for this. With the combination of classic analyst assessment in the “PowerBIMap” and the interactive Treemap Browser for hundreds of solutions and service partners, we help companies to get the best out of their investment in Microsoft Analytics”.

PowerbiMap is driven together with well-known industry experts: Donald Farmer, former “face of Microsoft BI” at Microsoft and Qlik VP for strategy and Stefan Sexl, former founder of one of the major European Power BI consultancies. “Microsoft is great at building strong ecosystems around their technologies”, says Donald Farmer, “Power BI is supported and extended by hundreds of companies around the globe, and this fascinating partner ecosystem is a major reason for the fast growth of the platform. With PowerBIMap, we help Power BI users to discover and combine the best add-ons and partners, but we also support the ecosystem in connecting with each other.”

The first edition of PowerBIMap is available for the DACH market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), the other regional editions will follow shortly. Thanks to the support of nine sponsors, PowerBIMap is now available for free as part of the BI & Analytics Survey at www.bi-survey.com/powerbimap