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Initially planned as a small add-on to the site, it has now grown to a very popular part of it. The big blogging community around Power BI is a perfekt starting point for Power BI initiatives and guides you to many training material, ideas, Power BI dashboard templates, how-to guides and much more. There is also a Blog Portfolio for the greater Azure ecosystem on

The Blog Portfolio is organized by orientation of the blogs (more technical or more end user oriented), popularity (measured by link popularity) and number of updates – larger bubbles show blog sites with frequent updates.

Additionally you can find symbols for podcasts and video channels as well as focus on special topics like DAX or PowerQuery.

Click here to open or download the Blog Portfolio as a PDF with clickable links to all blogs.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Content Browser also: It aggregates the best articles and videos (not only) from the blogs of the Blog Portfolio – and helps you to quickly navigate to the best content.

Important: The Blog Portfolio does not rate the quality of the blogs and there is no “good or bad” position in the portfolio! Less popular blog sites often fill niches or are just new in the Power BI ecosystem. Take your time to explore!

The Blog community is very international, although the typical language “spoken” in the blogs is English: 18 are coming from the US, 13 from Germany, followed by Australia (6), Netherlands, UK and Austria (each 4). Also in the list:  Sri Lanka, UAR, Panama, Philippines and Denmark!


We are continuously extending and improving the Blog directory, If you think a blog (or additional information) is missing comment in Linkedin or contact Next on the list are further languages like Spanish, Russian or others. We are glad about the contribution of the community!


Starting from June 21, you will find the monthly (or bi-monthly) updates in seperate articles linked at the beginning of this page.

May 2021 update adds new video blogs: London BA Group has a lot of Power BI, but also Phython content and great training videos: For all soccer fans I recommend “Building the English premier league in Power BI” as a great and fun training example. Pettaka Technologies offer many valuable videos especially for beginners and Excel geeks, see “8 amazing Power BI shortcut keys” as an example. Also, Solutions Abroad is very beneficial for all looking for training material, a lot of content – see his video about the decomposition tree as an example. Data Platform Central combines knowledge about Power BI and the greater Azure ecosystem and will appear also in the AzureAnalyticsMap blog portfolio in the next days. Finally, Nestor Adrianzen has established his relatively new blog quickly – and combines nice videos in Spanish and English language. Great and detailed videos (not only) for beginners, see “set up a drill through page” as an example.

April update (1.4) adds three new blogs: Analytics with Nags is a content rich Youtube channel from India offering a lot of training material for beginners and users. And then we added to small offerings which are very good examples why we added the Content Browser to our offering: Ben’s blog ( as well as Apex Insights are both great examples for smaller blogs – with great content. To help such smaller offerings to find their audience we offer selected articles in the Content Browser to help Power BI users to navigate to the content!

Mid March update to version 1.3 with 5 new blogs: Flip-IT is coming from Germany and offers great, rather technical content in English around Power BI and Azure, Ariel Lomoctos and KMS BI are nice Youtube channels with the clear focus on report design – great to have additional more end user oriented blogs in the list! Experienced users with specific interest in Power Query tipps find a lot content in eHansalytics. Finally, DataZoe offers a lot of practical step-by-step guides for end users.

Last update V1.2 on 24th February: Added Data Pears, a quite new blog coming from Microsoft Cloud solution architect Mara Pereira. Very nice blog, see the valuable Tips & Tricks articles! Additionally, BI Elite has a new position with significantly better popularity – we calculate it based on both domain popularity and Youtube subscriptions and there was a mistake in the calculation. BI Elite has more than 30k subscribers on Youtube.

Last update V1.1 on 17th February: added Data Tale (English blog from Australia – our 6th from down under!), Data Unity (well done German Youtube video blog) and very warm welcome to our first blog in Turkish language “Power BI Istanbul“!

Hall of fame

Special thanks to Alexander FritzKathrin BorchertCarlos BabozaLars SchreiberMarcus WegenerMichael TennerVitali Burla and Klaus Birringer for their help in creating that list of Power BI blogs. All of them are experienced Power BI experts and contribute to the community!

And a big “Thank you” to our sponsors:

A personal selection

In this list you find a sample journey through the Power BI blog eco system – a list of top blogs we would recommend to visit as a starting point.

BlogLanguageCountryOur comment
Official Microsoft BlogEnglishUSAComing directly
from the source, this blog should be on anyones roadmap
Avi SinghEnglishUSAAvi’s video blog
is extremely popular – take a look! His presentation style is unique – and
the content great.
Chris Webb’s BI BlogEnglishUKOne of the best
established technical blogs. Chris is a legend in the Data & Analytics
Excelerator BIEnglishAustraliaDo not miss
Excelerator BI on your blog journey – lot of content, well established, user
Enterprise DNAEnglishAustraliaLot of great, in
depth content and tutorials.
Gerhards BlogEnglishAustriaGerhard is one of
the leading technical experts around Microsoft BI in Europe
SSBI (English)EnglishGermanyLeading European
blogger about the Power BI market with a great podcast, Lars combines his
background as financial controller with deep technical expertise
The BiccountantEnglishGermanyFinance &
Controlling expertise for the Power BI community, experienced PowerQuery
Guy in a cubeEnglishUSAPower BI
enthusiasts offering great videos and tips & tricks
FourmooEnglishAustraliaMicrosoft MVP with
a valuable blog & great infographics
SQL BIEnglishUSABig blog with
broad content, great starting point for your blog journey. One of the best
known blogs around Power BI
DAX TipsEnglishNew ZealandFocused on DAX
workingondataEnglishAustrialot of detailed
articles about data platform & Azure Synapse
BI FocalEnglishCanadaMust visit for all
preferring audio content
Power BI WeeklyEnglishUKLeading weekly
newsletter, worth registering for
CurbalEnglishSwedenreat reputation as
one of the first major Power BI blogs, continued now as Youtube channel (Link
Goodly DAXEnglishUARWorth looking at
if you want to improve your DAX skills
Powered SolutionsEnglishPanamaA lot of content
about DAX
Data PearsEnglishUKNew and very
engaged blog – worth a closer look, see tips & tricks articles
SumProductEnglishUSAGreat DAX Content
and Tutorial
Durchblick durch DatenGermanGermanyvery competent
blog in German language
Think BIGermanGermanyHey Peter! Must
read in German language, lot about data management
Kerry KoloskoEnglishAustraliaNew and very nice blog focusing
on Data Storytelling with Power BI