Power BI Blog Porfolio: June 21 updates

Month by month I keep updating the Blog Portfolio of powerBImap.com: And each time I think this time we covered most of them, the next update will be a small one. And I was wrong again: With 6 new blogs, adding up to 80 now, we have again some great additional offerings for the Power BI community, and all of them are worth a visit:

  • Vijay Perepa is a Youtube blog coming from India with more than 5.000 subscribers and has a lot of content about Visuals and combing Phython with Power BI
  • Wafa Studies has been recently added to our Azure Map Blog Porfolio for its great Youtube channel with more than 10.000 subscribers and beside great Azure Analytics content, you will find a couple of videos about Power Query and Power BI service. I recommend this channel especially for Power BI users looking to learn more about the greater Azure Analytics ecosystem.
  • PAFNow is a well-known German based specialist for process mining – and made an early and brave decision to integrate deeply into the Power BI ecosystem. In their blog they cover many Power BI specific topics – if you are interested in the process mining world it should be definitely on your list
  • BI Consulting Pro is an incredibly content-rich Youtube channel from Singapore which I strongly recommend for Power BI beginners: Their training material is excellent, you will find a lot of useful how-to videos there
  • CloudMoyo is a well known US based expert for cloud based BI and AI solutions, and they have a lot of Power BI related content in their excellent blog. CloudMoyo has already been listed on our AzureAnalyticsMap for North America as one of the best known service providers in the Azure Analytics ecosystem.
  • And finally welcome to Dhruvin Shah, one more Youtube blog coming from India with also already more than 10.000 subscribers. He is adding a lot of content around the greater Power Apps ecosystem, covering Power Automate for Power BI users and many more.
Looking on the geographical ranking, US now leads with 20 blogs, followed by Germany (14), Australia (7), India and UK (6) and Switzerland and Netherlands (4). Happy to see that the blog community is truly international!


Other changes are some movement in the “older” bubbles: Big parts of the blog community is Youtube based now, and we changed the algorithm that adds the “classic” domain rating of traditional blog sites with the subscribers in Youtube – and updated the subscriber figures for the blogs which have been added a long time ago. It is interesting to see that almost all of the Youtube blogs have heavy growth in the subscribers, some of them doubled their figures. So some bubbles moved on the Y axis (popularity). 

At this point an important remark: The popularity shall guide you to the most popular blogs as a starting point, don’t forget to look into the niches also: Some blogs are just new and not yet well-known, others specialize on particular topics.

In parallel to the growth of the Blog Portfolio, our recently released Content Browser is growing fast: A couple of weeks after initial release we have more than 300 content items already in there. If you have your own blog, use the opportunity to add your top content and promote your blog site for free! It takes 30 seconds…

Our concept is to offer two great ways to learn more about the Power BI ecosystem:

  • The Blog Portfolio is the perfect starting point for your journey through the ecosystem, you can start with the most well-known blogs and then find sites that are focused on your specific needs
  • The Content Browser will help you to quickly find what you are looking for if you are searching for a specific answer and aggregates the best content from ALL blogs, including small and specialized ones. You can browse over multi blogs with questions like “which beginner videos are offered if I want to learn DAX?” or “how do I create a balance sheet report in Power BI”
Please note that BARC can offer all content for free and without registration due to the support of our sponsors: