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    Dundas BI

    Founded in 1992, Ontario, Canada-based Dundas began building its reputation as an innovator in visualization components with its own Microsoft technology based charting product. In 2007, Dundas sold most of its chart franchise to Microsoft [...]

  • BI Product

    Yellowfin BI

    Yellowfin is a mature, user-friendly BI platform that has evolved from a successful reporting and dashboard product to support an emerging style of BI characterized by collaboration and augmented insights. It offers engaging visualization and [...]

  • BOARD International


    BOARD was founded in 1994 and employs more than 300 people worldwide. Both its European head office and software development headquarters with approximately 40 employees are located in Chiasso, Switzerland. A second regional US headquarters [...]

  • Altair

    Carriots Analytics (Envision)

    Founded in 1985, Altair provides enterprise, engineering software to optimize product lifecycles from concept to operation. This privately-held company is headquartered in Troy, Michigan and has over 2,600 employees worldwide who support over 5,000 customers [...]

  • Cyberscience


    Cyberscience’s flagship product, Cyberquery, is an ad hoc query and reporting platform that delivers insights from the C-suite to the front line. The company’s native database connectors and metadata layer abstracts transactional tables, simplifying data [...]

  • Dimensional Insight

    Diver Platform

    The Diver Platform from Dimensional Insight is a full-stack BI platform that addresses the compliance reporting and analysis needs of highly regulated industries such as healthcare, goods and services, and manufacturing supply chains in the [...]

  • Domo


    Domo is a cloud-first business intelligence tool designed to consolidate an organization’s data into one easy-to-use, self-service solution for all business roles, so anyone can access the data they need to make better decisions in [...]

  • Looker Data Sciences Inc.


    Looker is a web-based BI platform focused on providing a governed, standardized and trusted view on data. This consistency is achieved by using a data description language (LookML) to create a metadata layer across required [...]

  • Phocas


    Phocas offers a mature self-service tool, which enables users to perform their own analysis and reporting once IT has provisioned the data. It has a good range of functionality to support ad hoc querying, standard [...]

  • Pyramid Analytics

    Pyramid 2018

    Pyramid 2018 is a brand new, tightly integrated Analytics and BI platform that supports reporting, dashboards, analysis, data discovery, business user oriented data preparation with machine learning and self-service BI. The suite uses modern standards [...]

  • sales-i


    sales-i is a business intelligence solution targeted at sales departments of manufacturing, distributing and wholesales industries. The aim of sales-i is to combine transactional data and customer information from enterprise systems and to provide support [...]

  • Sisense


    Sisense is a single-stack BI platform architected to support on-premises as well as cloud-based deployments. The product is commonly used to deliver dashboard applications, standard and enterprise reports, and embedded BI applications for small to [...]