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    CALUMO is business intelligence (BI) platform that leverages Microsoft Excel as its primary authoring environment. As a result, the product delivers a fast learning curve when utilized in Excel-intensive financial budgeting and forecasting processes. CALUMO also brings governance to operational reporting [...]

  • BI Product

    Dundas BI

    Founded in 1992, Dundas began building its reputation as an innovator in visualization software with its Chart product based on Microsoft technology. Today, Dundas BI Platform enables users to discover insights and create dashboards with [...]

  • Cyberscience


    Founded in 1977, privately-owned Cyberscience started with Citibank as its main customer. With over 5,100 customers and 75 employees, the Colorado-based  company thrives via a focus on the Americas mid-market manufacturing segment while generating a significant share of revenues through [...]

  • Dimensional Insight

    Dimensional Insight Diver Solution

    The Diver Solution from Dimensional Insight is a BI platform tuned to address the compliance reporting needs of regulated industries such as healthcare, alcoholic beverages and manufacturing supply chains. Dimensional Insight’s deep industry expertise combined with pre-built applications and outstanding customer [...]

  • Logi Analytics

    Logi Suite

    Logi Analytics’ Info is a BI platform that serves a wide range of analytical users as well as developers. IT professionals can take charge of assembling custom-tailored BI experiences or line managers can deploy user-ready [...]

  • Phocas


    Phocas was founded in 1999 in the UK but 50 percent of its shareholders and the development team are now based in Australia. The company has shown annual growth of 20-30 percent over the last [...]

  • Sisense


    Headquartered in New York City, Sisense is a growing BI vendor offering an embedded analytics product with an API-first design. The company sells to medium and large enterprises across the globe. Its product addresses the [...]

  • Yellowfin

    Yellowfin BI

    Started in 2003 with the belief that traditional BI had become too complex and too expensive, Australia-based Yellowfin focuses on making BI as easy as possible for BI content consumers. Yellowfin initially targeted the embedded [...]